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Gusto Italian, West Bridgford

Westy-B isn’t a place we venture into very often as we live on the other side of town, but there are a list of gems to find, our favourites being La Storia for authentic, family-run Italian or Escabeche for a tasty take on tapas. We were invited over to see if we can pop Italian… Continue reading Gusto Italian, West Bridgford

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The Harvester, Castle Marina Nottingham

“Have you ever been to a Harvester before?” was the greeting that met us as we entered Harvester at Castle Marina. “No” we lied through our false moustaches (as any self-respecting food snob would).* The truth is that we had been many moons ago in Birmingham and hadn’t enjoyed it so we hadn’t bothered again.… Continue reading The Harvester, Castle Marina Nottingham

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Belgo, Nottingham City Centre

This was our 3rd visit to Belgo, and on both previous visits we had left feeling a bit underwhelmed, in our opinion the seafood didn’t match up to Loch Fyne. However, a 50% off deal in January, a love of mussels and with us keen to eat healthily, we headed there again. There are lots… Continue reading Belgo, Nottingham City Centre

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Son of Steak, Nottingham City Centre

We first visited Son of Steak in their opening week after seeing a load of social buzz that piqued our curiosity. Son of Steak is a Mitchell & Butler restaurant, who also own the Harvester that it replaced in Trinity Square. Our foodie-snobbiness usually restricts us from liking most chain eateries (pass the artisan sourdough, daahhling)… Continue reading Son of Steak, Nottingham City Centre

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Ego at the Dorset Arms, West Bridgford

We were recently very kindly invited to eat as guests at Ego Restaurant which is a Mediterranean restaurant in the Dorset Arms in West Bridgford. We’d not heard of Ego before as we don’t often venture out of the city centre, but we both saw lots to get excited about on their online menu. We arrived at… Continue reading Ego at the Dorset Arms, West Bridgford

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Carluccio’s, Nottingham Low Pavement

After a fairly disastrous visit to Carluccio’s last month, we left them a fairly scathing review. We were contacted by the manager to apologise and invite us back and sample their new winter menu, as their guests. However unimpressed we were on our last visit, we felt willing to give them another chance and were… Continue reading Carluccio’s, Nottingham Low Pavement

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The Cod’s Scallops, Sherwood Nottingham

People say that food you associate with your childhood stay in the memory forever. One of these memories for me is Friday night fish n chips from our local chippy when I was a kid. Obviously, way back then fish was a relatively new invention and the flavours blew my little mind, and I’m sure I have… Continue reading The Cod’s Scallops, Sherwood Nottingham

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Piccolino’s, Sheffield

So, you remember when we reviewed Carluccio’s and declared all Italian chain restaurants to be rubbish? Well, on a recent day trip to Sheffield our first choice of eatery wasn’t available (okay, we couldn’t find it) so we decided to wind our necks in and go to Piccolino’s. We have had the Sunday roast platter… Continue reading Piccolino’s, Sheffield

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Red’s True Barbecue, Nottingham

The sudden popularity of barbecue food in the UK a couple of years ago led to three BBQ restaurants opening up within a short period of time (Rub, Jim’s Smokehouse and Red’s True Barbecue).   People I know who particularly love the American BBQ food regard Red’s to be the best of the bunch. We’ve visited a couple… Continue reading Red’s True Barbecue, Nottingham