Welcome to Nottinghammm! We are Emily and Stuart and we. Love. Food. In the last four years we’ve pretty much been munching and drinking our way through the city (after taking photos of the plates, of course). This is our little corner of the Internet to review and showcase some of what Nottingham has to offer (and sometimes further afield!) Everything we write is our own opinion, we are completely honest.


Forever searching for the perfect Sunday roast and particularly passionate about eggs, scallops, good puds and sour beers. I do the bulk of the writing with Stuart lending his ever valuable opinion and wit. 

Favourite restaurant at the moment: Merchant’s hotel


Always content if there’s a hoppy IPA in hand, prone to foodgasms when eating fillet steak. Mostly denies he likes puddings then decides he actually loves them when sharing! Hater of parsnips, lover of good chicken wings and a good roast.

Favourite restaurant at the moment: Last Chance Saloon (they wrap their chicken wings in bacon. BACON!!)

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