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Bar Iberico breakfast, Nottingham City Centre 

We’ve visited Bar Iberico a couple of times now but never really got the hype. We found it a bit too pricey to eat a la carte when compared to the express deal at the Iberico restaurant, which we adore.  However, anyone that follows their Instagram will know that their breakfast dishes always look drool-worthy so we decided to pop in for brunch

I ordered the breakfast flatbread topped with bacon, sausage, scrambled egg, chorizo relish and creme fraiche while Emily ordered the scrambled egg and Serrano ham on sourdough toast. 

My brekky was very good indeed. As a kind of full English pizza with a Spanish twist, it was filling and tasty. The chorizo relish was sweet and spicy and went really well with the bread, eggs, sausage and pancetta and the genius addition of creme fraiche lifted an otherwise quite heavy plate of food. This was perfect breakfast grub elevated to a fancier standard and will I definitely bear it in mind next time I’m nursing a hangover. The Spanish ingredients made it much more exciting and interesting than a standard English breakfast and 100% unique to Bar Iberico

Emily’s breakfast was nice but not perfect. Her toast was burnt (never a good start) and served without butter, her eggs were under-seasoned and the whole dish was just luke-warm, unfortunately. However, the Serrano ham was an appreciated and tasty alternative to bacon and the eggs were silky and perfectly cooked. Despite a couple of ‘silly mistakes’ Emily still enjoyed it. But c’mon, don’t burn the bloody toast!

After talking to Emily for a few minutes, I noticed her eyes were glazed and fixated on the display stand behind me and not on my cintilating conversation, as first thought. Not an uncommon occurrence. It was the Portuguese custard tarts that caught her eye and, with a train to catch to Derby Beer Festival, we asked for one to take out.

 We were supposed to share it and although I didn’t get much of a look in, absolutely delicious. If you’re going for a meal at Bar Iberico, you simply have to finish with one of these little beauties. Emily said the pastry was light and sweet with a deep, luscious filling of slightly citrusy custard and a charred top. You’ll never get an egg custard from Greggs ever again, this is a life-changing custard tart! Trust us! 

Contrary to our shocked faces last time we received the bill after dining a la carte, this felt like great value. At £5.99 for the flatbread and £5.50 for the eggs and ham it was definitely well worth it, especially for the gorgeous flatbread. Emily’s few concerns around her meal stop Bar Iberico from getting a perfect score but these are issues that can be easily fixed so we’ll definitely be giving them another chance. This is brunch with an original twist and with so many brunch menus out there in Notts, it should be on your list of places to try.  

Overall score: 7/10

Food: 7/10

Service: 9/10

Value: 10/10

Experience: 7/10

Atmosphere and surroundings: 8/10


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