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Carluccio’s, Nottingham Low Pavement

After a fairly disastrous visit to Carluccio’s last month, we left them a fairly scathing review. We were contacted by the manager to apologise and invite us back and sample their new winter menu, as their guests. However unimpressed we were on our last visit, we felt willing to give them another chance and were… Continue reading Carluccio’s, Nottingham Low Pavement

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The Cartwheel Cafe, Nottingham

The Cartwheel Cafe is located on Lower Pavement, cheekily positioned right next to the popular Thea Caffea. Not to be intimidated by the competition, Cartwheel are forging their own reputation for unique coffee as well as a food menu that serves brunch and sandwiches. We visited late one Saturday morning and needed some brunch to line our… Continue reading The Cartwheel Cafe, Nottingham

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Toast bar at the National Video Game Arcade, Nottingham 

So, there’s a bar above the the National Video Game Arcade in Hockley that sells toast and is called Toast. A bar, that sells toast. Just toast. Funnily enough, we’ve never really fancied eating there/noticed it before but, in the midst of a Friday night drinking session with the third wheel (Ken) in tow, it… Continue reading Toast bar at the National Video Game Arcade, Nottingham 

A la carte · british · casual · Dinner

The Cod’s Scallops, Sherwood Nottingham

People say that food you associate with your childhood stay in the memory forever. One of these memories for me is Friday night fish n chips from our local chippy when I was a kid. Obviously, way back then fish was a relatively new invention and the flavours blew my little mind, and I’m sure I have… Continue reading The Cod’s Scallops, Sherwood Nottingham

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Piccolino’s, Sheffield

So, you remember when we reviewed Carluccio’s and declared all Italian chain restaurants to be rubbish? Well, on a recent day trip to Sheffield our first choice of eatery wasn’t available (okay, we couldn’t find it) so we decided to wind our necks in and go to Piccolino’s. We have had the Sunday roast platter… Continue reading Piccolino’s, Sheffield