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Be At One – cocktail bar launch, Nottingham

The newest addition to Nottingham’s ever exciting bar scene is cocktail chain Be At One, launching where Nirvana nightclub used to be in the Lace Market. We had an invite to sample the wares before the opening night so thought it would be rude not to! 

For anyone that remembers falling/sleeping on the beds in Tantra, the place looks completely different now! With a smart, Art Deco style and impressive looking back bar it has a certain Gatsby charm.  

be at one cocktail bar nottingham
Back bar of dreams

be at one cocktail bar nottingham
Mixologist maestro at Be At One

There are over 150 cocktails on the menu, which blew our tiny minds. Anything and everything from tequila to ice cream cocktails are carefully designed and expertly made, ranging between £6-£8.80 with cheaper shooters (it was a school night, c’mon). 

I went for a fruity, rum-based Silver Fox and Stu started with a Bloody Mary (mainly owing to the persistent hangover from the night before).  

Both drinks were lovely – the Bloody Mary was HOT but definitely a hit (though some garnish wouldn’t go a miss). 

be at one cocktail bar nottingham
Silver Fox and Bloody Mary

be at one cocktail bar nottingham
Killing Monica and Shaky Pete

We also sampled a rhubarb Bellini called Killing Monica which was AMAZING. Made with rosé champagne, I want to drink this all the time. The Shaky Pete is a ginger-spiced ale cocktail with a frozen top – also delightful, with a hoppy twist from the Meantime craft beer. 

be at one cocktail bar nottingham
Chica Caliente and Ellis Island

Feeling rather crazy (or maybe just tipsy…) I picked a wild card cocktail called a Chica Caliente which turned out to be my favourite. Passion fruit and Tobasco?! That shit works! Stu refined his taste to an Ellis Island, similar to an Old Fashioned with whiskey and orange flavours. 

All in all, we had some great drinks and I think the price point is just right. You can also download the Be At One app which lets you choose your own happy hour so you can quite easily pop in for a really affordable, tasty tipple. You simply get the bar staff to activate it and you get a 60 minute cont down for 2for1 drinks. Quite a good idea, I say. 

The only thing they could improve was the speed of service – we ended up eating 15 minutes for one of our drinks after we ordered. Hopefully teething problems they can iron out. 

All in all this is a great little cocktail place that would be great for casual drinks with mates or a date – it’s upmarket but still relaxed. It doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of Tilt for unforgettable cocktails, but they are tasty, affordable and fun. What more could you want? 

Cheers! Emily and Stu. 


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